Rongta RLS1100 Barcode Label Printing Scale
Rongta RLS1100 Barcode Label Printing Scale

Rongta RLS1100 Barcode Label Printing Scale

Price :           To be announced
Status :           Out of Stock
Brand :           Rongta
Product Code :           RLS1100

Short Details:

  • • Items: Thermal Label Printing Scales
  • • Max Capacity: 6/15KG, 15/30KG
  • • Verification Scale Interval: 2/5g, 5/10g
  • • Minimun Capacity: 40g, 100g

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Price: To be announced
EMI Offer(EMI for 6 to 24 Months)
General Information

Thermal Label Printing Scales

Max Capacity 6/15KG, 15/30KG
Verification Scale Interval 2/5g, 5/10g
Minimun Capacity 40g, 100g
Two Line LCD 256*32 dot matrix display
Weight digit: 5 digit
Unit price digit: 8digit
Total price digit: 8digit
Type: Mylar Button
Number: 140 buttons
(28 function keys ,112*2  hot keys)
PLU Programmable Data

LFCode、Item name、Item No.、unit price、charge unit、Fresh days、Tare Weight 、barcode、department、packing weight、packing type(normal 、fixed weight、fixed price、fixed weight and fixed price)、Info One、Info Two、Label format、discount、hotkey

Data Storage Store 10000PLU,can set at most 112 hotkeys
Printing Speed 80mm/s
Interface RS232+Ethernet or RS232+Ethernet+WIFI
Power Supply AC100~240V,50/60Hz
Dimension Length437mm * Width372mm * Height523mm
Label Paper Size Width:30~60mm,Maximum outer diameter:100mm, Maximum inner Diameter :40mm
Paper Out Method

Tear or Strip

Accuracy Class III
Executive Standard GB/T 7722-2005


Rongta RLS1100 Barcode Label Printing Scale

Rongta RLS1100 Barcode Label Printing Scale. It's profitable for commodity bracket operations. Searching products snappily by product No. Support for multiple foreign languages, markers, similar as background, the name of the item, etc.Support double screen fleck matrix display, easy to promote products.

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Rongta RLS1100 Barcode Label Printing Scale. Item Thermal Label Printing Scales, Max Capacity 6/15KG, 15/30KG, Verification Scale Interval 2/5g, 5/10g, and Minimum Capacity 40g, 100g. This Printing Scale Display Two-Line LCD 256*32 dot matrix display Weight digit: 5 digits, Unit price digit: 8digit, Total price digit 8digit.Keyboard Type: Mylar Button, Number: 140 buttons(28 function keys,112*2  hotkeys).The PLU Programmable Data LFCode Item Name Item No. unit price charge unit Fresh days Tare Weight  barcode department packing weight packing type normal 、fixed weight fixed price fixed weight and fixed price)、Info One Info Two Label format discount hotkey. The Rongta RLS1100 Barcode Printing Data Storage Store 10000PLU, can be set at most 112 hotkeys, Printing Speed 80mm/s, Interface RS232+Ethernet or RS232+Ethernet+WIFI, Power Supply AC100~240V,50/60Hz.Dimension Length437mm,Width372mm and Height523mm.The Label Paper Size Width is 30~60mm, the Maximum outer diameter is 100mm Maximum inner Diameter:40mm. Paper Out Method Tear or Strip, Accuracy Class III, Executive Standard GB/T 7722-2005.

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