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  • ♦ Model: Huawei WS5200v2
  • ♦ Router Type: Wireless N Router
  • ♦ Wi-Fi Speed: AC1200 Mbps
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  • ♦ Model: Huawei WS5200v2
  • ♦ Router Type: Wireless N Router
  • ♦ Wi-Fi Speed: AC1200 Mbps
  • ♦ Wi-Fi Frequency: 2.4G & 5G


Price: To be announced

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  • ♦ Model: Huawei WS318n N300
  • ♦ Router Type: Wireless & Ethernet
  • ♦ Wi-Fi Speed: 300 Mbps
Price: To be announced

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  • ♦ Model: Huawei WS318n N300
  • ♦ Router Type: Wireless & Ethernet
  • ♦ Wi-Fi Speed: 300 Mbps
  • ♦ Wi-Fi Frequency: 2.4 GHz


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  • ♦ Model: Huawei E5576-320
  • ♦ Wi-Fi Speed: 150mbps
  • ♦ Network Standard: 802.11n,b,g
Price: To be announced

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  • ♦ Model: Huawei E5576-320
  • ♦ Wi-Fi Speed: 150mbps
  • ♦ Network Standard: 802.11n,b,g
  • ♦ Sim Card Size: Standard


Price: To be announced

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The Latest Huawei Router Price in BD

In this era of the internet, you need all the equipment to cope with the fast-advancing world. And a router that you can trust in the time of need is crucial. They are used worldwide and gain customers' trust with outstanding services and products. Let's find out the latest Huawei router price in BD.


Huawei was founded in 1987 in China. It has spread its operating range over 170 countries. They have almost 200k employees. They believe quality is their foundation, so people choose Huawei over other brands. They also claim to meet customers' expectations fully.

There are a whole lot of products from Huawei. Everything is available in Huawei, from earbuds to wide angle 4K TV. And every one of these products is made with great care and updated designs to make the customers feel appreciated. After using Huawei, there will be less chance of switching to other brands.

How to Choose a Huawei Router for Yourself

Are you thinking of buying yourself or your loved one the best router by yourself? Then we are here to help you make your troubles disappear and make things easier for you. Shopping by yourself is easier when there are guides like these available on the internet. We'll need you to list a few things first and then match them with the routers to get an idea of how much the router can cost.

Now, list the things you must know before choosing your router.

Area Coverage:

The amount of area your router needs to cover is a huge parameter to judge the ability of a Router. The coverage area depends on the antennas of a router. The antenna will define how much area you can cover with your router. Be sure to check the router's specifications and find out which antennas are being used by the router. If the router contains 5dBi antennas, it should cover only a few rooms and floors. This should be enough for small houses, offices, restaurants, etc. A 5dBi antenna covers around 500meter. You also have to consider the number and thickness of the walls too. These things reduce the strength of the WiFi signal.

WiFi Speed:

There's a limited top speed of every router. It defines how much speed the router can provide you. If you need at least 1200Mbps bandwidth, you should choose AC1200 routers or stronger ones to get what you need.

Bandwidth limit:

You must also remember that your ISP can provide you with limited bandwidth. If your router can raise the speed up to 1200Mbps and your ISP has only given you only 100Mbps bandwidth limit, then you can not expect to get the WiFi speed of 1200Mbps. So remember that your bandwidth depends on your ISP, not only your route. This works the other way around too. It would be best if you got a router that can give you the speed your ISP has provided. Always consult your ISP before buying.


You need to connect your router to several devices. So always check the ports that your router concludes. The number of LAN ports, USB ports, and other necessary ports should be checked before purchasing. You don't want to run out of ports to get a connection with your devices to the internet.

Dual or single band:

The number of bands in a router defines how many data frequencies your router can work with. It transmits and takes these data frequencies to provide different bandwidths to different devices.

If your router is single-band, it only works with 2.4GHz data frequency. This is not bad because not every device can work with 5GHz. But if you have a device that can work with 5GHz data frequency, then you will not get the full potential of that device.

And if your router is dual-band, then your router can work with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz data frequencies. That allows them to send different top speed limits to your 5GHz devices. As a result, 5GHz devices work far better than 2.4 GHz devices. If you want to stand out in the crowd and be special, get your dual-band router and enjoy.


If you've finally decided on the router you want to buy, the next spet is checking reviews of that product on popular E-commerce sites. The honest reviews of the customer will reveal many truths about the product you're about to buy. Good or bad, you need to check them out and judge yourself whether you want the product or not.

Huawei Router Price in BD 2022

Huawei is a trustworthy brand that also makes many routers with properly updated designs and technologies. There are dual-band, single-band, pocket routers, modems, switch gates, and many more categories of products.

The price of Huawei routers is always reasonable and affordable. They try to make their products with the best materials and as affordable as possible. The price of the router you will need depends on what you want in your router.

If it is dual-band and has a better antenna version, then the price will be higher than usual. And if you add the range fact, it will go much higher. The more facilities you want, the more you have to pay for them.

But Huawei is a brand that allows everyone to enjoy the latest technologies at an affordable cost. That's what makes Huawei better than any other brand. You will not stay away from all the sweetness of the modern era that has already come.

How Much Is Huawei 300Mbps Router Price In BD?

Among many categories, Huawei has 300Mbps routers that will allow you to reach the top speed of 300Mbps. It is a low-end router category, but if you are not willing to spend too much and don't need that much power and coverage, then this is the option for you.

Now let's jump right into the products. First of all, we have here the Huawei WS318N N300 wireless router. It is a 300Mbps router, of course. And it has 2x5dBi antennas, which allows it to cover a small area such as home, office room, small restaurants, etc.

This router is also a single-band router. And a single-band router only works with 2.4GHz data frequency. That limits its ability to provide the 5GHz devices needs fully. But it sure does work well. Here are the other specifications of the router.

● It supports every operating system in the world, Windows, IOS, and Linux.

● The router supports all browsers too. You can log in and maintain the WiFi with any browser.

● Comes with 2LAN ports and 1WAN port.

● The LAN and WAN network standards are both 10/100.

● The WiFi network standard isIEEE 802.11b,g,n.

There are many more 300Mbps routers available, but this one is the best Huawei has made.

What's The Price Of Huawei 1200Mbps Routers?

The next router we're about to discuss is the 1200Mbps Huawei WS5200v2. It is a dual-band router, and it has four antennas. It will cover many areas, and you can easily rely on it to cover a hotel, big house, or full office floor. Here are the specifications of this product.

● It is a dual-band router.

● The top speed reaches up to 1200Mbps.

● 4 antennas.

● 3 LAN and 1 WAN port.

● Network type 802.11ac, g,b,n

● LAN and WAN type 10/100

Huawei 4g Pocket Router Price in BD

You can check the Huawei E5576-320 4G for a Huawei pocket router. This router will allow you to use the internet even while traveling. Don't let your vacation stop you from being connected to the internet. The specifications of this product are.

● Network standard 802.11n, b,g.

150Mbps internet speed.

● Battery life lasts 6 hours.

● Warranty 1 year.

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Is Huawei WS318N a good router?

It is a 300Mbps router, so it has its boundaries. This router will cover a small area, so you need to compromise. Also, it can only reach up to 300Mbps WiFi speed.

Is the Huawei pocket router reliable?

Huawei pocket routers are reliable, and they are also good. You can trust them with their security. There are zero reports of security breaches about Huawei routers.

Is Huawei a good brand?

Huawei has a good reputation for making quality products, but better options exist. It's impossible to make every product of yours better than everybody, so Huawei is a good brand but not in all aspects.

What is the IP of the Huawei router? is the IP that you can type in your browser's search bar and log in to maintain the router's settings.

Is Huawei mesh routers the best?

No. There are many other brands that make far better mesh routers than Huawei. You should always check for better options and read enough reviews.

Are high-end Huawei routers worth it?

Huawei's high-end routers are the best routers. If you compare it with other brands, then it will be a tough choice to make. This means you can count on high-end routers Huawei.