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  • ♦ Model: Gigasonic
  • ♦ Display Size: 19 Inch
  • ♦ Resolution: 1366×768 (WxH)
  • ♦ Model: Gigasonic
  • ♦ Display Size: 19 Inch
  • ♦ Resolution: 1366×768 (WxH)
  • ♦ Viewing Angle: 90 & 65 degree (H & V)

Brand: Gigasonic

  • ♦ Model: Gigasonic 17 Inch Square
  • ♦ Display Size: 17 inch TFT LED
  • ♦ Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • ♦ Model: Gigasonic 17 Inch Square
  • ♦ Display Size: 17 inch TFT LED
  • ♦ Contrast Ratio: 1000:1

Brand: Gigasonic


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Buy Gigasonic Monitor at the best price in Bangladesh from our website

The computer monitor has a significant impact on visual vision in this modern era. A decent monitor is usually desirable, whether for designers or regular work. While working, your eyes need a good quality resolution monitor because if you use something like a low-resolution display, your eyesight can be harmed. Everyone enjoys having a Gigasonic monitor on their table since it has so many wonderful features. Furthermore, the Gigasonic monitor price in Bangladesh is really low, making it a worthwhile purchase. This well-known brand offers numerous outstanding features to meet all of your requirements.

This article will enlighten you on everything about the Gigasonic monitor.

Gigasonic Monitor: 

Gigasonic is a well-known laptop and monitor manufacturer. In terms of longevity and superpower, their other technological items have also captured people's imaginations. Gigasonic has a large selection of monitors to meet your needs and tastes. Gigasonic is there for you whenever you need cutting-edge technology for your gaming machine. For your computer games, you can purchase a high-resolution display with a large screen for a bullfight. There are numerous monitor models available for both corporate and personal use. And, guess what? The Gigasonic monitor cares about your eyes so that you do not panic about working for a long time. You can operate your computer for lengthy periods of time without hurting your eyesight.

Gigasonic Monitor Price in BD: 

Choosing a monitor now depends on a number of factors, the most important of which is pricing. So, if you consider purchasing a monitor, you must evaluate the cost. Due to its extremely low price, the Gigasonic monitor price in Bangladesh can assist you in this regard. When you don't want to sacrifice quality but still require a significant budget reduction, the Gigasonic monitor will be your best friend.

What features do you need to get in a good monitor: 

When looking for a suitable monitor for your work, you will undoubtedly come across some characteristics that will influence your decision. Let's look at some things to consider when purchasing a monitor:

Screen Quality: 

People do, in fact, spend more time on computers than on other activities. The monitor screen quality counts a lot at the office, when freelancing, and when studying.

High Performance: 

Another key characteristic is that you'll need a high-performance display to use your email, and social media accounts, and browse the web, among other things. HD monitors are inexpensive, so don't be concerned about purchasing one.


A multimedia screen is essential for graphics and motion designers to comprehend color grades and RGB. A huge screen with a quad-panel provides higher image detail. HD quality monitors can also be used to edit movies and videos, so keep that in mind.

Panel Type: 

You must consider the panel type of your display when viewing it from various angles. You can choose between IPS, VA, or TN. If you require a broader viewing angle, choose in-plane switching (IPS). However, if you require visual contrast and depth, VA or vertical alignment is required.


You can use an LED monitor or an LCD display for your work. Choose an LED monitor if you need a thin display with bright image quality. When you need a crystal display, LCD monitors are the company to call. 

Screen Size: 

Screen size can be defined according to your work. If you are a professional gamer, you need a bigger screen for gaming. If you are a graphics designer or motion designer, you will also be needing some sort of big screen. And the price rises as the screen size increases. However, if you need to undertake regular tasks like studying or office work, a 20-inch display or larger is recommended. For intense work, you'll almost always get widescreen or dual-screen monitors. With widescreen and ultra-widescreen monitors, you may enjoy your gaming or movie.


The most significant consideration when purchasing a monitor is the resolution. You can find HD, Full HD, Quad HD, resolutions for your work. Full HD displays movies, and games, and works in crystal clear detail. And the more you update your technology to Quad, 4K, and 5K, the more clear view you will have.


You have to select between HDR and Smart technologies. HDR Technology is the finest for greater contrast and color. Smart Technology, on the other hand, is the path to go if you desire to be entirely immersed in Wi-Fi.

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Why would you buy a Gigasonic monitor from Original Store Ltd.? 

There are several reasons why you should purchase your Gigasonic monitor from our store since our first priority is to deliver genuine items and services to our customers. The reasons behind this will be discussed.

Customer Valuation: 

Our primary asset, we believe, is our customer. Our company will not grow if the consumer is not satisfied. So the top priority for us is to make our clients cherished. Each of your clients is a valuable asset to us. As a result, we attend to their requirements. We put a powerful significance on making our client base.

Quality Service: 

We can now only satisfy our consumer base by providing excellent service. We have a bunch of services to fulfill your demands. If you need a monitor installed with your CPU after you purchase one, we can do that as well. If you have any problems, we will provide the best service possible. We have an online service for you. You will get 24 hours service there. 

Authentic Product:  

Our store only sells authentic goods, which is one of the most significant features of our business. Original Store ltd. sells genuine products from all brands, which sets us apart from other merchants in the country. Here you will find the highest-quality monitors.

Reasonable Price: 

You should do some market research for the best price before purchasing a monitor. In Bangladesh, we sell our items at the most competitive prices. It is the supreme match of low pricing, quality product, and nice customer care. So, if you want all of these things at once, we're here to help.

Different types of Gigasonic Monitors:

There are many different types of Gigasonic monitors available on the market. A 22-inch monitor is the best for regular work between them. Furthermore, the price of a Gigasonic 22-inch monitor in Bangladesh is affordable. However, if you require a larger monitor for frequent work, a Gigasonic 24-inch monitor is ideal.

For regular work, Gigasonic monitor 17 price in Bangladesh comes at a handy price for students and workers. Side by side, if you want to get a slight big screen for movies with work, a Gigasonic monitor 19 price in Bangladesh is affordable. As well as, the Gigasonic monitor 20 price in Bangladesh is also cheap. You just need to adjust the price a little bit. 

We provide different sizes of Gigasonic monitors. You can find a Gigasonic 17-inch monitor, Gigasonic 19-inch monitor, Gigasonic 20-inch monitor, Gigasonic 22-inch monitor, Gigasonic 24-inch monitor, and a lot. 

Final Verdict:

Original Store ltd. delivers the greatest Gigasonic monitor at the best price to your door. You can visit our website to learn more about Gigasonic monitors and their prices, as well as to compare them and select which one to buy.