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  • ♦ Model: Digital X 650VA
  • ♦ Capacity: 650VA
  • ♦ Voltage Range: 85 – 135V
  • ♦ Model: Digital X 650VA
  • ♦ Capacity: 650VA
  • ♦ Voltage Range: 85 – 135V
  • ♦ Backup Time: 10-15 Minutes

Brand: Digital X

  • ♦ Model: Digital X 1200VA
  • ♦ Capacity: 1200VA
  • ♦ Voltage Range: 220-230 VAC +/-10%
  • ♦ Model: Digital X 1200VA
  • ♦ Capacity: 1200VA
  • ♦ Voltage Range: 220-230 VAC +/-10%
  • ♦ Backup Time: 25-30 Minutes

Brand: Digital X


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Enlist the Best Digital x UPS & Discuss Their Prices

If you work with electronic devices every day, you must know that electricity is a severe problem in our country. It hampers our work and damages our electronic devices too. Nobody likes to lose their work progress. To solve this problem, you can use a UPS. A UPS will provide enough backup power that can help you to save your working progress and turn off your devices safely. 

There are many UPS brands available in the market, but Digital X is one of the most well-known brands. Many schools, offices, banks, and other working places use Digital X UPS daily. People trust this brand and the Digital X UPS price in BD is reasonable. 

Types of UPS Available In the Market

There are two types of Digital X UPS available in the market. Offline UPS and online UPS. You must choose wisely, because picking the wrong type will waste your money and damage your electronic devices. 

Digital X Offline UPS

Offline UPSs are usually used for lite work. You can not use these UPS for heavy-duty electronic devices. These UPSs have less capacity. They can only connect a few devices with them. These offline UPSs are used in offices, schools, banks, and other places to back up individual computers. They provide enough backup time to save your work progress and power off your computer. The UPS usually has an indicator that will let you know when the backup battery is about to run out of charge. You can use the UPS until then. Sometimes the time is 10-15minutes, and sometimes it is around 30 minutes. The capacity of the battery indicates the backup time. Pick a UPS with good power storage to work longer while the power is out. 

Digital X Online UPS

Online UPS is usually used for machines that use a lot of power. You can back up powerful electronic devices with an online UPS. Online UPSs have a bigger capacity. They provide backup power to multiple computers, printers, or heavy devices, such as medical equipment, telecommunication devices, and other heavy machinery. The capacity of an online UPS can go up to 20kVA. You can provide backup power for around 40 computers for 15-20minutes if those computers do not do heavy work such as gaming or editing photos & videos. 

How to Buy My Own Digital X UPS

We will guide you through the process of finding out the perfect UPS that suits you and fulfills your needs. All you have to do is note down what you need in your UPS and match those descriptions with a product from the market. Now let us learn the details of a UPS and find the best UPS that suits you. 

Why you need your UPS:

The reason you’re looking for a UPS will give you a hint of the UPS you need. If you need a UPS for light usage and nothing too serious, you can get a UPS with low capacity that will provide enough backup power to keep your computer running for enough time. But if you want to use the UPS for heavy work that will use a lot of electricity, then you need to get yourself a UPS with a lot of capacity. Just calculate the amount of power you need and match it with a UPS. Get some extra backup VA to get extra backup time.

What type of UPS do you need:

There are two types of UPS available in the market and you need to choose the right one to make it useful. There are offline UPS and online UPS. The offline UPS will be a good choice if you work with a computer and a few other small devices. An offline UPS will back up your computer for a good amount of time. They are good for offices, banks, schools, etc. An online UPS is used for medical equipment, telecommunication, and other heavy work. They are stronger and more capable of providing backup power. You can also fix electrical issues with these UPSs. 

Amount of devices you will use:

The number of devices you’re willing to connect with the UPS also matters. The more devices you use, the more capacity the UPS will need. Also, connecting multiple computers with an offline UPS is not a good idea. You should use online UPS for that. This also means that you should not charge devices with offline UPS. Your UPS will go through a lot of pressure.

Customer review:

Always check what other users of a product are saying. People who have used a product have experience with it. They know their abilities. Check popular stores such as Amazon, eBay, and Newegg and get proper reviews. There you will see the truth about the product. 

Products warranty:

An original product will always come with a warranty. You should buy your UPS from a store where you can get a reliable warranty. Otherwise, there will be a chance of getting a fake or refurbished product. 

Digital x UPS Price In Bangladesh

Digital X is a well-known UPS brand in Bangladesh. You can see them in every school, office, bank, and official place. Their prices are reasonable, and they work just fine. Now, if you want to buy a UPS according to your budget, you must know all the Digital X UPS available in the market. So let us show you all the Digital X UPS we can offer you at a reasonable price.

Digital X 650VA UPS

This is an offline UPS. You can back up your working computer with it for a reasonable time. A 650VA UPS will be able to provide 10-15minutes of backup for your working computer if you do not do any heavy work. But if you have a graphics card. And you do some work that uses a lot of power as gaming, video editing, photo editing, etc. Then you will get less backup time from this UPS. That’s why Digital X 650VA is suitable for use in school labs, offices, banks, and other working places. The latest Digital X 650VA price in Bangladesh is around 2500-3000tk.

Digital X 850VA UPS

This UPS is a bit better than the last one. You can get this UPS if you want to use other electronic devices such as a printer, or scanner with your computer. It has the extra capacity to provide backup for your multiple devices for around 10-15 minutes. But if you only use your computer, you can run it for approximately 20 minutes. A brand new Digital X 850VA UPS will cost you around 3000-5000tk.

Digital X 1200VA UPS 

The last offline UPS is this 1200VA capacity UPS. It can provide backup to your computer for a longer time. 1200VA UPSs are referred by usually gamers. It is considered a suitable UPS for a gaming computer. If you want to use it for other heavy work such as graphics design, and photo & video editing, this UPS should be enough to provide backup for it during power cuts. This UPS can give backup for a computer with a graphics card, LED/LCD monitor, and speakers. You can connect your router with it to get internet even after a power cut. But remember, the more device you use, the more power you will lose from the UPS. A 1200VA UPS will last around 20-25minutes with a normal working computer with an LCD monitor. It will cost you around 5000-7000tk. 


How much does a Digital X UPS cost?

The price of a Digital X UPS depends on the capacity. The price range is usually between 2000-15000tk for offline UPS. These UPSs are good for providing backup for a computer with an LCD monitor for around 15-30 minutes. Which is a good deal. But if you want something bigger and better, Then you can get yourself the online UPS. The high-end online UPSs can cost up to 100000tk. 

How long does a Digital X UPS last?

An offline UPS usually lasts around 3-5years. But if you want the best performance every day change your battery from time to time. The battery of a UPS gets weaker the more you use it. You can get better performance from changing the battery every time it starts to weaken. 

Is Digital X UPS a good brand for UPS?

Digital X is a great brand for UPS. A lot of computer users and offices use this product on daily basis. But for high-end UPS you should look for other popular brands. Digital X is only good for low-end UPSs. Their offline UPSs are well known in Bangladesh because of their performance and 

Can I use Digital X offline UPS for heavy-duty electronic devices?

Medical equipment requires UPS with a better converter and better capacity. But offline UPSs do not possess these qualities. That’s why you can not use these UPSs for heavy electrical devices or medical equipment. The offline UPSs are only good for office computers. Computers that do not spend much electricity and run heavy software are good for offline UPS. 

Is Digital X UPS suitable for office computers?

Digital X offline UPS is the best choice for office computers. You can provide backup for your office, school, or any work computer that does not consume too much electricity with these UPSs. A 650VA UPS can provide backup for your office computer for around 10-15 minutes. A 1200VA offline UPS can provide backup for the same computer for around 20-25 minutes. 

When should I change my UPS battery?

The battery will show clear signs such as getting hot easily, running out of charge easily, etc. When you see these signs you should change your UPS battery as soon as possible. It is recommended to take it to someone who has done this before. Because the battery is not a thing to play with. 


No matter what type of work you do, your electronic devices need a suitable UPS for their safety. A UPS will help you to avoid damages and accidents. Sudden power cuts, electrical surges, and voltage spikes damage your electronic devices. That is why you should prevent them from happening. We all know that prevention is better than cure.