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  • ♦ Model: Nano MBS-405
  • ♦ Type: 3 Pin socket
  • ♦ Sockets: 5
  • ♦ Model: Nano MBS-405
  • ♦ Type: 3 Pin socket
  • ♦ Sockets: 5
  • ♦ Cable Length: 10 Feet

Brand: Best Quality


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Nano Power Strip Price in Bangladesh.

At now Power Strip is the most useful and important thing. Everyone uses Power Strip to keep their device for good. So, all people need a good connection to which will keep your used device well-situated We know that running a device directly from a line of main electricity can cause damage at any time, and can cause a shock circuit which is dangerous for us. There are many kinds of various Power Strip in BD, all are good but the best is Nano MBS-405 Power Strip which is available in our shop. We are giving you the best Power Strip the Nano Power Strip.

About Nano Power Strip:

Best Nano MBS-405 5 port 3 pin Power Strip is a product of the Best quality Brand. It is very safe to use cause of its quality. You can easily add any kind of your device to it, some specifications are Nano Power Strip is

You will get Nano 5 port Power Strip with 3 pins, it has also Max 2500W, 10A, 250V compatible, it has made by No1 copper condenser material, Surge Protector and standard 3M cable, there is 5 socket with 3 pins and the available color is White. Good quality Nano Power Strip is also designed with a durable rocker Off-On switch. Nano Power Strip has an ultramodern led indicator.

Why Users Buy Power Strip:

Now Power Strip is a most useful thing for our daily life, now in our daily work we use more or less electric device for our work and we need a safe use of it, so requires a good Power Strip. A power strip will keep any of your products safe. You can use this Power strip in any way which is you to easily connect any of your electric devices such as Computer PC, Laptop PC, TV, AC, Mobile Charging, Blander machine, electric Iron and etc. a good Power Strip gives good power supply. It’s one of the good sides is the Catholic socket application, BS 1362 Fuse guided very long-lasting plug and if you want, you can put many of your 3 pin devices together. Our Original Store Ltd Bd (OSL) shop giving you the best quality product and the Best Nano Power Strip price in Bd.

Nano Power Strip Price in Bangladesh:

There are many kinds of Power Strip in our Bangladesh and the Power Strip Price in Bangladesh are almost low. Price is different in any way. One shop has one price. Power Strip is usually available at a lower price. This Nano 3 Pin Power Strip with 5 port are also usually priced between BDT 500-800. 

Buy Power Strip Our Online Shop:

We now rely online on to buy any kind of product. There are many online shops in our whole country. And we are one of them and our shop is Original Store Ltd (BD). In our shop, you will find any of your products very easily. We have different types of power strips such as 4 ports, 5 ports, 6 ports, 7 ports, etc with 2 and 3 pins. If you want you can buy your product directly from our offline shop. We will give you the best product of our shop Original Store Ltd Bd.

Our Branches:

Latest Nano Power Strip Price in BD we are giving you at a very humble price in our shop Original Store Ltd (OSL) Bd. Anywhere we deliver our products in the country. We hope to give you the best service online and offline. We deliver any products to you in Dhaka and outside. We provided you cash on delivery and also home delivery in Dhaka. The address of our offline shop is Gulshan (Head Office), Uttara, Motejheel, Elephant Road (Siddiqi Plaza), Elephant Road (Multiplan Plaza)

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