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  • ♦ Model: Gigabyte AORUS RGB DDR4
  • ♦ Memory Type: DDR4
  • ♦ Memory Capacity: 6GB (2x8GB)
  • ♦ Model: Gigabyte AORUS RGB DDR4
  • ♦ Memory Type: DDR4
  • ♦ Memory Capacity: 6GB (2x8GB)
  • ♦ Memory Pin: 288

Brand: Gigabyte

  • ♦ Model: Gigabyte 8GB DDR4 2666MHz
  • ♦ Memory Type: DDR4
  • ♦ Memory Capacity: 8GB
  • ♦ Model: Gigabyte 8GB DDR4 2666MHz
  • ♦ Memory Type: DDR4
  • ♦ Memory Capacity: 8GB
  • ♦ Bus Speed: 2666MHz

Brand: Gigabyte

  • ♦ Memory Type: DDR4
  • ♦ Memory Capacity: 16GB kit (2x8GB)
  • ♦ Bus Speed: PC4 26600 (3333MHz)
  • ♦ Memory Type: DDR4
  • ♦ Memory Capacity: 16GB kit (2x8GB)
  • ♦ Bus Speed: PC4 26600 (3333MHz)
  • ♦ Tested Voltage: 1.2V

Brand: Gigabyte


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Introducing The Gigabyte Ram Price In BD 

The Gigabyte Ram Price in BD is finally here! Are you need a novel and inexpensive method to upgrade your computer's RAM? What is the going rate for Gigabyte RAM in BD? To that end, why delay any longer? Get the best Gigabyte RAM price in BD right now by placing an order with us! Do it, and you won't be sorry.

Gigabyte DDR4 Memory 

The Gigabyte DDR4 Memory Kit is guaranteed the highest possible performance thanks to its carefully crafted components. Diffused RGB LEDs and aluminum heatsinks contribute to effective heat dissipation. The Gigabyte DDR4 Memory Kit is your best bet to improve your computer's speed.

Key Features

Superb Memory Composition
With a ten-layer PCB and careful engineering, Gigabyte's DDR4 Memory ensures the highest possible performance and dependability from its Memory ICs. The version of the AORUS RGB Memory kit is guaranteed by its custom-made heatsink.

As a bonus, the memory kit is much more reliable because of the excellent heat dissipation afforded by the premium components in its construction. The diffuser provides a stylish final touch to the RGB LED lights.


The RGB Infused Demo Modules from Gigabyte are the first of their type, and they work with the RGB Fusion 2.0 software without any modifications to the memory stick's physical design. You may now change the color of your memories to reflect how you feel.

Modify Your Computer to Your Gaming Preferences

Everything from the motherboard and graphics card to the connections and other peripherals may be personalized. Then the resulting profiles can be shared with the community for everyone to see. The new mode allows the lighting effects to be used in conjunction with certain games, making for a more exciting and realistic experience.

Accepts XMP Version 2.0

By activating a profile on an AORUS RGB Memory kit that supports XMP 2.0, you may get maximum performance without jeopardizing the security of your OS.

Lifetime Warranty

All components and labor on AORUS RGB Memory kits are covered for life. GIGABYTE has support centers for when difficulties occur.

Why Should You Buy Gigabyte?

Many improvements may be made to your computer by installing Gigabyte DDR4 RAM. DDR4's massive efficiency gains over its predecessors as DDR memory technology are a major contributor. Right now, DDR4 is the benchmark for memory speed.

Gigabyte DDR4 memory also consumes far less power than comparable RAM options. DDR4 requires far less energy than DDR3 to operate. You could reduce your overall power use and electricity costs.

Best Available Models: 

Gigabyte DDR5 Memory 

A unique copper-aluminum composite material is used for the heat spreader in Gigabyte's DDR5 memory. Use the advantages of copper's greater heat conduction and aluminum's superior heat dissipation to achieve peak overclocking performance. As a bonus, the NanoCarbon covering maximizes the passive heat spreader's performance even under the most demanding conditions.

We covered all the heat spreaders. Excess heat may be quickly dissipated in that manner. If the voltage is too high, the memory might overheat. However, the copper-aluminum composite with NanoCarbon heat spreader is a feature of DDR5 architecture.

Key Features

Outstanding Quality and Exciting Efficiency

DDR5 modules from Gigabyte not only reliably deliver fast DDR5-5200 memory speed but also expose you to the state-of-the-art capabilities of XMP 3.0. DDR4-like can be used in computers with better performance, more bandwidth, and less power drain. The newest AORUS DDR5 RAM is a must-have for all PC enthusiasts and competitive gamers.

Optimized Working

Gigabytes of DDR5 RAM provide blistering speeds. DDR5 memory from Gigabytes uses less power than DDR4 memory when running at the same frequency.

The Latest XMP 3.0 Version Is Supported

These DDR5 RAM sticks comply with the latest XMP 3.0 standard, improving overclocking capabilities and profiles. Now, in addition to the factory-tuned XMP profile, users may make adjustments and save them in the device's programmable read-only memory (SPD ROM). AORUS XPM 3.0 allows you to maximize the performance of your DDR5 RAM.

Built In Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC).

In modern DDR5 modules, a Power Management IC is included (PMIC). It releases DDR5 voltage control, expanding the overclocking window.

ECC on-the-fly

The DRAM cells in DDR5 memory modules can now self-correct thanks to an innovative new feature called on-die error correcting code (ECC). A computer equipped with on-die ECC is guaranteed to be more robust and dependable than ever.

Why Should You Buy?

GIGABYTE has developed a new line of DDR5 RAM modules, perfect for any gaming PC in terms of performance and aesthetics, to meet the demands of its growing client base.
With a broad selection of capacities and clock speeds, users may choose a GIGABYTE DDR5 RAM module that works well with their system. Because the modules work with many different motherboards, they complement any gaming rig greatly.

Best Available Models: Gigabyte AORUS 16GB DDR5 5200MHz Desktop RAM (BDT 14000)

How Does Gigabyte RAM Make Them Apart From The Market?

The following is a list of the seven reasons why upgrading to Gigabyte RAM is a good decision for your next computer:

1. Higher data transmission speeds

As a result of the greatly increased data transfer rates that Gigabyte RAM provides compared to standard DDR3 or DDR4 RAM, it is an excellent choice for use in high-performance PCs and gaming rigs.

2. Increased steadiness as well as dependability

Standard RAM is more prone to instability and less trustworthy than gigabyte RAM, which means that you won't have to worry as much about your computer crashing or freezing up as much if you use gigabyte RAM.

3. Decreased latencies

The RAM modules offered by Gigabyte often have lower latencies than those provided by regular manufacturers, which may further boost the performance of your system.

4. Increased overclocking capabilities

If you are interested in overclocking, then Gigabyte RAM is something you should consider purchasing. When overclocking using Gigabyte RAM, it is often simpler and easier to obtain better results because of the improved data transfer rates and enhanced stability that the RAM provides.

5. Less expensive than the majority of other high-end RAM alternatives

Even though Gigabyte RAM is not the most economical choice, it is still less costly than many other high-end RAM modules. This is even though there are more expensive alternatives.

6. A diverse assortment of possibilities 

Because Gigabyte has a diverse selection of RAM modules, you can find one that meets your requirements and financial constraints.

7. Excellent client assistance

You may have peace of mind knowing that Gigabyte provides outstanding customer assistance if you ever have any issues with the RAM that the firm has provided for you.

These are just some of the many reasons why upgrading your current computer's memory with Gigabyte RAM is such a good idea. Therefore, if you are searching for a RAM choice that offers good performance without breaking the budget, Gigabyte is an excellent brand to consider.

What Makes Random-Access Memory (RAM) So Important?

The quantity of RAM your computer has is one of the most important elements in how quickly it performs. RAM, or random access memory, is computer memory that allows data to be temporarily stored and retrieved by programs. Information that is being utilized by your computer at the moment is stored where it may be accessed quickly.

The more programs you have on your computer, the more storage space you'll need. SSDs, and solid-state drives, are other essential components for peak computer performance.

If you want a faster and more powerful computer, you should increase the amount of RAM it has. Inadequate RAM might slow down your PC. The risk of over-installation with little noticeable benefit remains, however. The memory you buy must be compatible with your operating system and other software. 

Using many other methods, one may also check whether their machine needs extra RAM. Components are normally built to the greatest attainable level during manufacturing with the expectation that technology will continue to improve.

Technology Behind Random Access Memory in Computers and Laptops

What does the abbreviation "RAM" stand for when it comes to computer memory? RAM, or random-access memory, stores information momentarily while the central processing unit uses it. Not to be confused with data that remains on your hard drive after you turn off your computer.

RAM is where your computer keeps the data that the central processing unit (CPU) needs to access to accomplish things like playing a game from the hard drive or watching a video on the Internet. It will be sent quickly to your central processing unit.

When you close a program on your computer, such as a game or movie, the data it contains is no longer needed, and the computer frees up space for the next task you instruct it to do. If your laptop needs more RAM, it may take more time for your requests to be processed.

Your computer's central processing unit will have to frequently visit other storage media or the Internet if it requires more data than is available in RAM.

What to Think About Before Buying a Gigabyte RAM?


If you're running a 32-bit OS, your machine can't have more than 4GB of memory (including RAM and graphics card memory). Using more than 4GB of RAM requires a 64-bit operating system.


The voltage needed by certain types of RAM is higher than what is commonly used. Ensure the motherboard can handle the voltage before using it. Overclocking often involves a voltage increase. RAM voltages over 1.65V should be avoided while dealing with Core i7 CPUs to prevent hardware failure.

Necessary Capacity for Memories

The ideal amount of random access memory (RAM) for your computer may vary depending on its configuration and needs. Still, we recommend at least 3GB for any laptop and 4GB for a high-performance machine. 
8 GB of RAM is quickly becoming standard for brand-new computer setups. However, a gaming PC shouldn't need more than 16–32 GB of RAM. We advise 32GB of RAM or more for a production PC setup to ensure quick program loading.


Times or latencies are measures of how long it takes for your computer's memory subsystem to respond to individual requests. Keep things simple; remember that shorter intervals are preferred since they decrease latency and boost bandwidth.


Your motherboard may have certain requirements for the RAM speed, such as DDR3 1600MHz. Using quicker memory requires running the system at a lower frequency, though. Selecting slower RAM will harm system performance. Increases in frequency often lead to better performance, while timing and other variables still play a role.


Certain producers provide unmatched peace of mind by including a lifetime warranty. Under certain guarantees, increasing voltage is authorized. Used RAM for a few years loses reliability. A vendor that offers a fast and easy RAM process is preferred.


Is memory with a gigabit size any good?

When using an Intel platform, the Gigabyte bundle provides excellent performance. Because of its lower latency, the Aorus RGB memory kit easily bested its C18 and even some C14 rivals.

What is demo kit RAM?

Despite their resemblance to genuine memory modules, they are all show and no go. If the user's motherboard has four DIMM slots, they may use a dual-channel memory kit.

How much random access memory do you require?

Word processing and online browsing are OK with 8 GB of RAM; spreadsheets and other office apps need 16 GB, while gaming and multimedia production need 32 GB. Remember that the amount of RAM your computer needs may vary based on how you put it to use, but use this as a guide.

If I buy RAM, how can I make sure it will work?

The simplest way to figure out which RAM modules will function with your board is to consult the Memory Quick Value Lists (QVL lists) that are often included in the box for your motherboard. The motherboard's QVL and Support Lists for RAM may be obtained on the motherboard's manufacturer's website.

Is 32 GB of memory too much?

That's not too much; in fact, it's perfectly enough. Even while 16GB is adequate for gaming, upgrading to 32GB removes the possibility of a hiccup when streaming or opening a game if you forget to shut other programs beforehand.

Does adding RAM speed up a computer?

When RAM is upgraded, the computer's performance improves. RAM upgrades may increase the data transfer rate from memory to other system parts. Your computer is much more effective since the fast CPU can talk to the other components at the same lightning-quick pace.

Summing Up

The Gigabyte RAM Price In BD is an excellent purchase for your computer. It may make your computer faster and allow you to do more at once. To boost your computer's performance without breaking the bank, check out the Gigabyte RAM Price In BD at originalstorebd.com.