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  • ♦ Model: MJ-120D
  • ♦ Type: Desktop Calculator
  • ♦ Digit: 12 Digits
  • ♦ Model: MJ-120D
  • ♦ Type: Desktop Calculator
  • ♦ Digit: 12 Digits
  • ♦ Number of Functions: 150 Steps Check

Brand: CASIO


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Latest Casio Calculator Price in Bangladesh From Original Store Ltd.

A calculator is a device that is used for making mathematical calculations such as addition, multiplication, subtraction Etc. In particular, a small electronic device with a keyboard and a visual display is usually controlled by a keyboard.

The calculator is the most important Gadget for everyone in every sector. For Education sector, Banking sector, etc. maximum sector. Buy genuine Casio Calculator and keep errorless counting. 

In 1957, the Casio Computer Company developed the first electronic calculator. Since then, calculators have been coming in many sizes, and are also built into most operating systems on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

The Casio Company has desktop calculators, portable calculators, printing calculators & scientific calculators.

Casio Desktop calculators have a full lineup of different models which meet a variety of different needs. Standard desktop calculators have comfortable sizes, sober color-available in various vibrant colors to meet everyone's needs. And it is ideal for doing office mathematical calculations.

Casio Portable Casio calculators have multifunctional models available in various shapes, sizes & vibrant colors to meet everyone's needs. And it is packed with special-purpose features for doing calculations.

Casio Printing calculators have two types. One is desktop series which printouts of results along with each calculation step & can be attached to documents. The other one is a mini-series which also has the same features as the desktop series.  

Casio Scientific calculators have four lines up. The first one is financial calculators which are powerful, have original financial consultant features to take much of the work out of financial calculations. The next lineup is graphic calculators which support technology. In third, they have programmable scientific calculators having a memory to perform repeated calculations. One of its favorite models is the fx-5800p. The last lineup is non-programmable scientific calculators to perform various calculations. Some models of this calculators are fx-100MS-2, fx-570MS-2 fx-991Ex, fx-991MS-2, fx-991ES PLUS-2. Etc. And these models are very popular among the student.

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