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  • ♦ Model: UA60
  • ♦ Capacity: 650VA
  • ♦ Voltage Range: 81-145Vac/162-290 Vac
  • ♦ Model: UA60
  • ♦ Capacity: 650VA
  • ♦ Voltage Range: 81-145Vac/162-290 Vac
  • ♦ Backup Time: 15-20 Minutes

Brand: K Star

  • ♦ Model: UA120
  • ♦ Capacity: 1200 VA
  • ♦ Voltage Range: 81-145Vac/162-290 Vac
Price: To be announced

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  • ♦ Model: UA120
  • ♦ Capacity: 1200 VA
  • ♦ Voltage Range: 81-145Vac/162-290 Vac
  • ♦ Backup Time: 25-30 Minutes

Brand: K Star

Price: To be announced

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Some Remarkable KSTAR UPS Price in BD

We all want our expensive and beloved electrical devices to be safe and secure. But how to save them when there are constant ups and downs in electricity voltage, load shedding, power cuts, etc.? Well, you can use UPS also known as an uninterrupted power supply. A UPS will fix all the issues with the electricity and send it to your electrical device so that it doesn’t go through any trouble. 

If you’re looking for a reliable brand, I suggest you check out the KSTAR UPS price in BD. KSTAR is a Taiwanese company situated in Shenzhen founded in 1993. KSTAR is just not a power electronic devices producing company, it is also a data center, container and modular data center solutions, and more.

What Are The Types Of UPS that Can Be Found In The Market?

There are two types of UPS in the market and you should be smart about buying one. Purchasing the wrong UPS for your electrical devices can cause trouble even accidents in some cases. So, be cautious. Ok, so let’s jump right into the categories. 

Offline or Standby UPS

The first type of UPS is offline or standby UPS. It is a type of UPS that you can use for your household or office to back up your computer, printer, scanner, etc. These types of UPS are not expensive and do not have a high electricity capacity. So they cannot back up heavy-duty electronic devices. The mechanism of these UPS is simple. Electricity travels through the inverter, then the battery, and finally to the rectifier.

This UPS will help your electrical device get electricity. If there is some sort of power cut or blackout, the backup battery will start running and back your device up. There is a minimum break before the battery backs up your device. But it is enough to keep your computer running while switching to the battery from the main power source. 

Online UPS

Now the second type of UPS is the online UPS. An online UPS can fix electrical surges, spikes, power cuts, and other electrical issues and provides flawless electricity to your devices. This way, the devices last longer and stay out of trouble. With an online UPS, heavy-duty usage is possible, and its services can be trusted. They are a bit expensive but definitely good, and at some point necessary. You can use this UPS for ICU, X-Ray machines, ECG machines, and other heavy electrical devices.

The third type of UPS is line interactive UPS which allows devices to stay active and safe during huge voltage ups and downs. Do not need to worry about running high-maintenance electrical devices with this UPS. This UPS has an advanced converter that allows it to convert electricity immediately and then serve and save as a backup. As a result, the high-wattage device stays safe and doesn’t face any trouble. This is one of the many reasons why people prefer online UPS more. 

How To Buy My Own KSTAR UPS?

There are some factors you need to keep in mind or write them down and use them to help and purchase a perfectly suitable UPS for your devices. Let us check out the facts and find your UPS.

Type of UPS:

The types of UPS are mentioned above and described. All you have to do is match your necessities with the descriptions and find a suitable UPS for yourself. If you want to buy a UPS for your computer, printer, and other low-wattage devices like that, you do not need to spend extra bucks on online UPS. An offline UPS will do enough for you.

The capacity:

Your UPS needs enough backup power to back up all your devices. The backup of your UPS can be determined by how much voltage it has. The higher the voltage, the more capacity you can get. Always get a UPS with a bigger capacity than you need. This will help a lot since you never know when you need to run your devices for periods. You do not want your UPS to run out of power. 

The number of devices to connect:

The number of devices will indicate how powerful and efficient your UPS has to be. If you need to connect 5 to 6 devices, you should first make sure your UPS has enough sockets on them to connect first. Then you should combine all the devices voltage and match them with your UPS. If your UPS cannot handle the load, it is not for your devices.

Type of device to connect:

If you want to use a 1000W power supply with a 600VA UPS, then your UPS will not be able to back up your power supply unit. Get a better UPS and step up your game. About it on various platforms. Double-check their information and follow up. 


Always make sure you get a solid warranty from UPS. Because sometimes, because of a finishing or wrong wiring, your UPS may get disabled immediately after the first usage. That is why you need to buy your UPS from a reliable source with a reliable warranty.

What is The Latest KSTAR UPS Price in BD?

KSTAR is also one of the best companies that produce UPS systems that protect your electrical devices during hard times. It is not easy for you to trust an unknown brand's product to support your expensive and useful devices. But KSTAR is a reliable brand. Let's check out the latest KSTAR UPS prices and find one that works best for you.


This is one of KSTARs offline UPS that will back up any of your low-wattage devices without any trouble. But remember, this UPS has a limited capacity. It is only 650VA. And you should not rely on it for any power source of more than 200watts. 200-watt devices will last only about 7 minutes with it. Now let us move on to the specifications of this UPS. You can back up an LCD monitor computer for 5-10 minutes will cost you 3000-4000tk.


This is an online UPS for use in higher-wattage devices. You can trust it with a small, high-performing device. Let us see the specifications and KSTAR 1kva online UPS price in Bangladesh. The capacity of this UPS is 1000VA, and you can back up a desktop computer or a printer for around 10-15 minutes. A 1000va KSTAR UPS will cost you 4000-5000TK. 


A classic 1200VA UPS is good enough for a 500W computer to back up for 10-20 minutes. And it will cost you 6000-7000TK.  


This is also an online UPS, and it has a 2000VA capacity which can back up a 500W computer for 15-25 minutes. This is an online UPS, and as a result, it will cost you approximately 30000-35000TK. 


This one is a stronger and better online UPS. It can be used for high-performing computers and electrical devices. It is a 3000VA UPS. This UPS can back up heavy medical equipment for 10-15 minutes. It will also cost you around 32000-40000TK. 


The strongest on the list and with a 6000VA capacity, this UPS has made it to the top of the list. It is a high-capacity UPS, so it will cost a lot. This UPS will cost you around 100000-110000TK. And you can back up your medical devices for around 20-25 minutes depending on the wattage. 


Is KSTAR 650VA a good UPS for medical equipment?

No, it is not. Because first of all, it is an offline UPS, and offline UPSs are not capable of handling heavy-duty electrical equipment such as medical and telecommunications. This UPS is good for use in offices, schools, banks, etc. You should get yourself an online UPS if you want to provide backup for medical equipment. 

Is KSTAR a bad brand for UPS?

It depends on the product. Not all well-known companies have the highest quality products. KSTAR is no different from that. Not all KSTAR products are bad, nor are they all good. To learn more about certain products, you must check professional reviews.

Ho long does a KSTAR UPS last?

The lasting of a UPS depends on the battery. You can always change the battery of some high-end UPS and it will be just like a new one. But you should not use a battery for more than 3 years. It gets risky. You can change your battery after a year or two for better results. Because the battery gets weak after using it for a few months. It will act like a new UPS after changing the battery.

Are KSTAR offline UPS suitable for households?

Yes, offline UPS is a viable option for use in your house. They are capable of providing support for your computer, charger fans, etc. But depending on the wattage of the devices you’re using you may have to change your UPS to online. 

How to connect my UPS with my devices?

First, connect your devices to the UPS via sockets. You can use multiplug for that. Then connect your UPS to a power socket. Be sure to fully charge your UPS before using it. 

Is KSTAR the best UPS brand?

KSTAR is one of the top-notch UPS available in the market. It has a positive reputation and earned its trust from people over time. There are other reliable brands too but KSTAR is not any less than those. If you want to buy an online UPS then you can look for other brands too. You will find out that KSTAR is no less than those brands. 


At home, office, hospital, or school regardless of where you work, you need to have a backup power supply for your electrical devices. Depending on the consumption of electricity you have to choose your UPS for providing backup for a limited time. Always buy your UPS from a trusted source so that you don’t get fake or refurbished products. Always let your UPS charge enough so that it can provide proper backup. Don’t connect a lot of devices to your UPS, this can cause an accident.