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  • ♦ Model: Dahua 30AB
  • ♦ Type: Both label and thermal Receipt Printing
  • ♦ Print Speed: 75mm / s
  • ♦ Model: Dahua 30AB
  • ♦ Type: Both label and thermal Receipt Printing
  • ♦ Print Speed: 75mm / s
  • ♦ Maximum Printing Width: 56mm

Brand: Dahua


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Dahua POS Printer Price in Bangladesh.

If someone wants to buy an awesome POS Printer to work well and beneficially, a good height-adjustable stand at a very reasonable price Dahua POS Printer is best for him. This is great for working well. It is a very compatible POS Printer that does well. Dahua POS Printer is very comfortable to use, the quality is first class, and viability is excellent. Dahua POS Printer in Bangladesh that is available in our shop Original Store Ltd (OSL). 

About Dahua Technology:

Dahua technology is one of the biggest technology brands in the world. It was founded in 2001 and its headquarters is in Zhejiang, Hangzhou. Network Cameras, Analog-to-HD Solutions, Security Cameras, NVR/DVR, PTZ Cameras, etc. are marketing by Dahua Technology.

Specification of Dahua POS Printer:

Strong Tilting Legs Provide Extra Support, Use Multimedia Function, type– Barcode Printer. Maximum Printing width – 56 mm. Print Speed 75 mm/s. Interface- RJ45 Ethernet interface (standard). RJ11 cash drawer interface (optional) GPRS (optional). Maximum weight 5g-15kg/10g-30kg.

Why you Buy Dahua POS Printer:

Nowadays POS Printers are a very important thing in our daily life. We now see POS Printers in various stores around us such as supermarkets, markets, shops, stores, and often everywhere. And we buy our necessities from these places and we must have proof or document of what we do not buy. A device is definitely needed to hold this information. And the best one is the instrument of the Dahua POS Printer. It is very to use and works very well. An accurate account of what you have sold or bought at any given time is available. 

Dahua POS Printer Price in BD:

Many kinds of POS Printer in our country, but the good one is Dahua POS Printer. If you Buy Dahua POS Printer in our store, we give you the Best Dahua POS Printer that is available on 35000-39000 BDT. There are also more expensive POS Printers in our shop and POS Printers Price in Bangladesh that is available on 2500-5000 BDT.

Buy Dahua POS Printer Online:

Our store has your choice and the best POS Printer in your demand price. We have your preferred model that your choice such we have Dahua 30AB Digital Weighing Scale Printer, Dahua Multimedia Scale Printer. You will find everything you need on our online shop originalstorebd.com

Buy Dahua POS Printer Offline:

This Dahua POS Printer you can buy easily in our shop. We sell our products and instrument offline as well as online. Real POS Printer Price in BD we recommend you and you will also find the best POS Printer from our offline shop, and you can easily buy the products you need from our shop within reach and you can buy your products at a comfortable price as you like. Not just POS Printer, you can buy any product from us.

Our Outlet:

Latest Dahua POS Printers Price in Bangladesh we are giving you at a very humble price in our shop Original Store Ltd (OSL). Anywhere we deliver our products in the country. We deliver any products to you in Dhaka and outside. We provided you cash on delivery and also home delivery in Dhaka. The address of our offline shop is Gulshan (Head Office), Uttara, Motejheel, Elephant Road (Siddiqi Plaza), Elephant Road (Multiplan Plaza).