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  • ♦ Model: M-2700
  • ♦ Functions: Print, Copy, Scan
  • ♦ Print Technology: Laser
  • ♦ Model: M-2700
  • ♦ Functions: Print, Copy, Scan
  • ♦ Print Technology: Laser
  • ♦ Print Speed: 27ppm

Brand: RICOH

  • ♦ Model: MP-2014
  • ♦ Functions: Print, Copy, Scan
  • ♦ Print Technology: Laser
  • ♦ Model: MP-2014
  • ♦ Functions: Print, Copy, Scan
  • ♦ Print Technology: Laser
  • ♦ Print Speed: 20ppm

Brand: RICOH


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Discuss the Best Ricoh Photocopier Prices 

Ricoh is a Japanese company that is in the printing business since 1936. It has been almost 80 years since Ricoh started its journey and it is still competing with other world-class printer brands. They claim that they have been updating their products not just to keep up with the market, but to solve their consumer's problems and make lives easier. 

Ricoh photocopiers are used worldwide. Their name is well known in the printing industry and their products often get compared to brands such as Canon, Epson, Toshiba, HP, etc. You will find some government and private institutes using the Ricoh photocopiers for their official works. It is not that commonly used in official works. But that does not prove its efficiency is less than any other brand. 

Ricoh photocopier price in Bangladesh is reasonable and affordable. They also come with a reliable warranty. There is no chance of getting any kind of fake or refurbished products because there are original products widely available in almost every city in Bangladesh. 

How To Purchase My Ricoh Photocopier

Ricoh is not that popular in the markets of Bangladesh. But they have high potential and their performance might surprise you. But how to know what kind of photocopier you should get and if they have the ability to fulfill every need of yours? To understand the basics of a photocopier you need to know what are the functions and abilities a photocopier can have and how they benefit you. If you understand those basics you will know which photocopier will fit in with your necessities. So let's start learning about the basic features of a photocopier and find your suitable photocopier.

1. Facilities: 

The most common facilities of a photocopier are scanning, copying, printing, faxing, and many other small tools such as stapling, hole punching, etc. If you need some of these facilities and not all of them, you can find a photocopier with those facilities only. There are various kinds of photocopiers you can find on the market and each one of these copiers has various facilities to offer. Some copier has great speed at processing a copy and printing it out, and some of them are able o scan and mail them via the internet. Some photocopiers can print on both sides of the paper without any human help. Many other features are available that can help you to upgrade your workplace and make work easier and faster at the same time. Find a photocopier with your needed facilities and research further. 

2. Resolution of the print: 

The printing quality of a photocopier has a great impact on your daily work. If the printed copy looks blurry or distorted, your whole presentation will get ruined. It requires a photocopier with good resolution printing ability to get the best copy that will not ruin your work. Always check how much resolution your copier is able to print with. 600x600 DPI is a perfect resolution for office and school work. But there are better copiers with more resolutions available in the market. And they will cost extra money. 

3. Printing speed: 

The faster a tool work the better it is for the work. You do not want your photocopier to print your documents slowly and waste your precious time. So, avoid copiers with slow printers that ruin your work and time. You can find many brands with different models that offer good printing speed. Ricoh is also a brand that makes fast and efficient photocopiers with great printing speed. But how much speed is good for printers? The average speed of a photocopier is around 20-25ppm or paper per minute. But if you need something faster than that you can go for 50ppm or 75ppm printers. They are the fastest you can get and they will cost you an extra amount of money. 

4. Copying speed: 

Just like printing speed copying speed is also an important factor to consider while buying a photocopy machine. To duplicate your documents you have to put your main document in the scanner and it will scan the document and then print it on clean white paper. This work requires some time. Usually, the time is around 2-3 seconds for each copy. The average speed of copying is also, 20-25ppm. The maximum speed can reach up to 75ppm. 

5. Expenses: 

Purchasing the photocopier is not the only cost you have to bear. After purchasing you have to get papers, ink, toner, etc to keep the machine running. The more work you do the more supplies the copier will use. As a result, you will spend more money. Some of these accessories are expensive. So keep that in mind while purchasing a photocopier. 

6. Take user feedback into consideration: 

There are many ways you can find people who have used the photocopier you have chosen for yourself. They will know how good the product actually is, and if there is any serious issue with the product. You will also get fair warnings from previous owners to avoid accidents. It always helps to get expert opinions too. If you know anyone who regularly uses photocopiers you should ask them what kind of photocopier will suit you and which products you should get.

Ricoh Photocopier Price In Bangladesh

Ricoh is a perfect brand for people in general of Bangladesh. It is not costly and you can make the best use of it. Usually, you need to spend a lot of money for the same quality product, from some other brand. But Ricoh is a brand that believes in quality but also keeps its prices low for everyone. You can find your Ricoh photocopier in your nearest IT shop. Before you look for your suitable product let me introduce you to some of the best Ricoh photocopiers that you might find suitable for you. 

RICOH MP 2014 Multifunction Photocopier

This is a 600x600 DPI resolution photocopier that consumes 950W power. It can scan, copy and print.

The copying and printing speed is 20ppm and the resolution can reach up to 600x600 DPI.

The photocopier warms up in 30 seconds and prints its first copy in 8.8 seconds.

It supports A3, A4, and A5 size papers. Its input capacity is up to 1350 papers and its output capacity is up to 250 sheets.

The photocopier can connect to computers via USB 2.0. 

The 2014 model will cost you around 50,000-60,000tk.

RICOH MP 2014D Multifunction Photocopier

This is the next version of the 2014 model but it has a special ability which is, it can print on both sides of a paper. It is called the duplex photocopier. 

The copying and printing speed is 20ppm and it can print papers up to 600x600 DPI.

The machine warms up in 33 seconds and prints its first copy in 10 seconds. 

It supports paper up to A3 size. The maximum input capacity is 1350 sheets and the output capacity is 250 sheets. 

It connects with other devices via USB 2.0. 

The 2014D model price in Bangladesh is around 65000-75000tk.

RICOH M 2700 Multifunction Photocopier

The last Ricoh photocopier is a multifunctional machine that allows you to connect it to the internet and use it with your mobile phone app. You can also save your scanned data to servers and send it to emails, other devices, etc. The Ricoh 2700 is an advanced model and that is why it costs some extra money. 

This photocopier can copy and print 27 papers per minute and the maximum resolution can go up to 600x600 DPI.

It warms up in 19 seconds and prints its first copy in 6.5 seconds. 

This copier supports up to A3 size paper. 

The photocopier is connectable via LAN and with other devices via USB 2.0. 

The cost of a Ricoh 2700 model is around  120,000- 130,000tk. 


Are Ricoh photocopiers good for school projects?

Ricoh is a photocopier brand that has an average printing speed of 22ppm. And it prints 600 and 1200 DPI resolution. Which is perfect for school projects. You can also get color photocopiers for your school and other working purposes. 

Why my Ricoh photocopier keeps getting jammed?

Using the wrong size of paper can cause clogging. There is a recommended maximum size for every photocopier. Always use the right size of paper to avoid clogging issues. 

Can I email my scanned document via the Ricoh photocopier?

Not every Ricoh photocopier is capable of sharing your scanned documents. You need to be able to connect your photocopier to the internet or USB to share your file to other devices or via email.  

How many papers can I copy with one ink cartridge?

A high-capacity 16ml ink cartridge will let you print on 350 papers. Whereas an 11ml ink cartridge will only print on around 220pages.The number of papers may differ. It depends on the paper you are copying or printing. If the paper is full of colors, it will use more ink and this kind of paper will use most of your ink. So, you have to keep changing the ink cartridges every now and then. Also, colorful papers use more ink than black and white papers. Which is more costly. So, the number of paper you can copy or print depends on the number of colors the main copy contains. 

Which ink cartridges are the best?

Some brands recommend some specific brand of ink. You must always use that ink cartridge for that photocopier. But if they do not recommend any specific brand then you should use HP, Canon, Epson, or other popular brands of ink cartridges. Because they provide quality. 

Should I use only Ricoh ink cartridges for the Ricoh photocopier?

Yes, you should. If you can get the same brand's ink cartridge you should use it. But if the product manufacturers do not recommend that you can avoid Ricoh ink cartridges and use other brands' ink cartridges. 


Do proper research before taking any decision. Photocopiers will cost you a lot of money and if you make the wrong choice it will waste all of that. Analyze what features and qualities will be needed for your working place and which brand you can afford. Increase your budget if necessary but never compromise with quality. Expensive products should not be trusted if their brand does not have a good reputation. Take expert advice and experienced people's opinions. It will save you a lot of things.