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  • ♦ Model: FAX-2840
  • ♦ Print Technology: Laser
  • ♦ Display: LCD (liquid crystal display), 16 characters × 2 lines
  • ♦ Model: FAX-2840
  • ♦ Print Technology: Laser
  • ♦ Display: LCD (liquid crystal display), 16 characters × 2 lines
  • ♦ Print Memory: 16 MB

Brand: Brother


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Brother Fax Machine Price in BD.

Fax Machines or telecopies are typically acquainted as telescoping or telefax. The brief type of Fax originates from the facsimile, and additionally brief type of telefax is the latter of Telefacsimile. Older telecopies used the analog system but considering that in the 1980s, a lot of the device tailors the transmitter of using an electronic discussion likewise the audio regularities.

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Purposive History of Fax:

Alexander Bain was the developer of the Fax in 1843. The "Electric Printing Telegraph" was the world's very first Faxing tool. Readily Xerox Firm presented the Facsimile Machine. Soon after, the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) was effective throughout the wireless Fax in the Atlantic sea. Frederick Blackwell is got credit for improving on Bain's design and also changing a teleFax device. Initial teleFax maker checks two measurements it was feasible for English innovator Helford Bidwell in 1880. Western union revealed in a facsimile Machine in 1948 the name of "Workdesk Fax" was a small Machine for using on a desktop.

Advantages of Fax Machine:

1. Faxes are a fairly inexpensive method of sending a message - just the cost of a telephone call along with paper and ink for receiving Faxes

2. They are simple to use and require very little training

3. They allow exact copies of handwritten information or images to be transmitted without preparing it in any special way.

4. As long as the Fax Machine is switched on, messages can be received at any time, day or night.

5. They don't need any special installation or cabling as they make use of the existing telephone line

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