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  • ♦ Model: Samsung 43TU7000
  • ♦ Type: Crystal UHD
  • ♦ Screen Size: 42.5" Measured Diagonally
  • ♦ Model: Samsung 43TU7000
  • ♦ Type: Crystal UHD
  • ♦ Screen Size: 42.5" Measured Diagonally
  • ♦ Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160

Brand: Samsung


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Samsung Smart TV Price in Bangladesh.

There is a huge collection of Smart TV in Bangladesh. There are many brands of Smart TV such as Sony, Samsung, Sky view, LG, etc. We have some of the brand's Samsung Television available in our website. Purchase your required Samsung TV reasonable price from Original Store Ltd. We sell original products from our online platform and any of our twelve outlets across Dhaka city. If you need any inquiry about the best Samsung TV Price in Bangladesh visits our website www.originalstorebd.com.

History of Samsung TV:

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is a multinational company. Samsung is a manufacturer of electronic instruments such as batteries, image sensors, camera modules and displays. Samsung is one of the most popular brands.

About Samsung Smart TV:

Television or TV generally is known as Tele. Telecommunication is used to transfer images in white, black and color. Smart Television is media to present advertisements, entertainment, news and other international information. Samsung has been produced QLED TV, 4K HDR TV, Full HD, UHD TV etc. Samsung LED TV display is very good quality pictures. Samsung Android TV Screen Resolution is Full HD. Smart LED TV with a digital video recorder. Samsung Smart TV are available 24 inch, 32 inch, 40 inch, 42 inch, 43 inch, 49 inch, 55 inch, 62 inch etc. Samsung Smart LED TV used for home, office, shopping mall, convention hall etc. Samsung Smart LED TV is the best quality to watch smooth pictures and video. It makes Full HD large-Screen display and Smart TV. A Smart TV is known as a connected TV. Smart LED TV is a primary television with interactive internet and web 2.0 features. It allows users to music and videos, browse the internet and view photos. Smart LED TV provides computers, television and digital media players.

Get your Best Choice Samsung TV:

We have many kinds of Samsung Smart TV such as Samsung 43TU7000 LED TV, Samsung T4700 LED TV, Samsung 40M5100 LED TV, Samsung N5300 LED TV, Samsung 43TU8100 LED TV, Samsung 55TU7000 LED TV, Samsung 55TU8000 LED TV, Samsung 55TU8100 LED TV, Samsung 65TU8000 LED TV, Samsung 75TU7000 LED TV, Samsung Q60T etc. available at Original Store Ltd.

Purchase Samsung Smart TV Price in BD:

We have the highest and lowest quality Samsung LED TV Price in Bangladesh. Samsung LED TV BD Price is going up and down day by day. You will get a warranty facility and free installation from our all branches. Because we are giving you the original Samsung Android TV and support the best service. You will also get Return and Refund Policy, EMI Policy, Payment Policy, Delivery Policy from our website www.originalstorebd.com. If you know about us follow up our Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube pages.

Our Outlets:

We have twelve branches across Dhaka. Our branches name is Head Office, Elephant Road Branch, Multiplan Branch, Uttara Branch, Motijheel Branch, Motijheel Corporate Branch. We have also only for HP products in our special branch "HP World Express" is located at Gulshan Head Office. We have agents in different districts of Bangladesh.

Buy Samsung TV Online:

If you purchase a Samsung TV comes to our nearest branch and find your essential products. We also provide 24 hours of online delivery in currier service inside of Bangladesh. To get the Samsung Smart TV Price in Bangladesh, please visit our e-commerce platform and Buy Samsung TV. Original Store Ltd is the best choice for computers and accessories in Bangladesh.