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  • ♦ Model: G7 15-7500
  • ♦ Processor: Intel Core i7-10750H
  • ♦ Memory: 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4
Price: To be announced

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  • ♦ Model: G7 15-7500
  • ♦ Processor: Intel Core i7-10750H
  • ♦ Memory: 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4
  • ♦ Storage: 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD

Brand: Dell

Price: To be announced

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Dell Gaming Laptop Price in BD

Are you craving for intense gaming experience? Dell gaming laptop is here to meet up all your thirst for gaming with fast processing power and better graphics. Besides, Dell gaming laptop price in BD prevails great cost-effectiveness containing upgraded features. 

Gaming laptop comes with portability which is a very notable benefit of this device. So you get everything you want with a single device along with portability-making it a desired device for your everyday gaming experience. Before we check out why Dell gaming laptop is the best companion for an intense gaming experience, let's look at which factors are important to consider before choosing a gaming laptop. 

Factors that are important before buying a gaming laptop: 

Below are the most crucial points to consider when purchasing a gaming laptop. 

Central Processing Unit CPU: 

The Central Processing Unit or CPU is the most crucial factor you need to consider before choosing a gaming laptop. A CPU determines the speed and effectiveness of your gaming device. An Intel Core i5 CPU is recommended as the minimum need for gaming, guaranteeing that you can run games at their full capability. Thus, a 10th or 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor will be the best for intense performance. You need to check if your CPU is up to the standard or not, or you will get frustrated with the gaming experiences. It is pretty much well known that Dell gaming laptop price in Bangladesh is much reasonable with high-end CPU making it an amazing choice of a Gaming laptop. 

Graphics Processing Unit GPU: 

The world’s most powerful Graphics Processing Unit or GPU is GTX or RTX GPU. Even if your laptop has top-of-the-line hardware, SSD hard drives, and i7 processors, GPU plays a vital role here. For high-end gaming experience without botheration, you shall consider the GPU. As you will find Dell laptop price in BD quite rational, so that will affect your laptop choice. 

Upgradeability of RAM: 

It is relatable that you need to be conscious of the RAM of your gaming laptop. Gaming is sometimes heavy on your laptop, so the RAM needs to be standard. However, if you can buy an 8 GB RAM gaming laptop, you must consider that the RAM of the laptop should be upgradeable when you want to upgrade it. However, if you want a stunning games experience, you probably will crave for 16 GB RAM as it will provide you the ultimate fun and enjoy. So we would put forward you to upgrade it up to 16 GB. 


The keyboard is the main input method if you are a fan of shooting or strategical games. So, check it out if your keyboard allows multiple buttons pressing for actuation or key travel. 

For an ideal keyboard, the texture of the keys should be sophisticated yet not so soft and not so hard to push. And the minimum distance should be at least 1.5 mm to 2mm. Check out if the keyboard has RBG lighting adjusted to every key, so this backlighting will help you quickly switch to the right key while gaming. 


The display can be varied with a different configuration of the gaming laptop. You can receive 1080p resolution. With this resolution the refresh rates will be of 144Hz, 240Hz, or even 360Hz. Or you can also get a high-resolution screen with a refresh rate of 60Hz. However, the graphics processing unit is a vital part here. If your GPU is not powerful, you will not get enough resolution to enjoy your gaming.  

Battery Life:

Battery life is not that important thing to talk about if you are going to choose laptop for gaming purpose. But still, you need to keep in mind that batteries usually get drained faster when the device is used for graphical works, motion graphics, or gaming. So, choose wisely. Check if the laptop provides at least 8 hours of backup battery life while unplugged. But most people are connected with power when they are in gaming mode, so that is not that important issue. 

Why would you buy Dell Gaming Laptop from the Original Store Ltd.? 

We have provided high-quality items and earned an unshakeable reputation in the market since our inception. What are the advantages of purchasing a Dell Gaming laptop from the Original Store's website? Let’s check out the reasons. 

Customer Valuation: 

Customer satisfaction is the most important value in our firm. Our greatest asset is our growing and delighted customer base, whom we admire and give value. By providing high-quality but low-cost items, we have contributed to our customers' lives. The Original Store offers the most cost-effective Dell gaming laptop experience as Dell laptop price in BD is quite level headed. 

Service Quality: 

You will get the assistance you need to search for your next Dell gaming laptop. Our service is for you to make the right decision while selecting the best device for your intense gaming experience at a fair price.  

Genuine Product: 

We are the number one seller of Dell gaming laptops in Bangladesh. Our site offers genuine quality so that you can purchase your chosen Dell gaming laptop. Said, we exclusively sell the best gaming laptops, so don't worry about the laptop's dependability or performance.

Reasonable Price: 

Dell gaming laptop is very reasonable. Compared to other businesses in Bangladesh, the Original Store offers a lesser price for your selected Dell gaming laptops. We provide you with the greatest Dell gaming laptop at a very low cost. You will obtain the most value for the least money at the Original Store.

In Bangladesh, the price of a Dell gaming laptop is relatively affordable. The Original Store offers a lower price for your chosen gaming laptop than other businesses in Bangladesh. At the Original Store, you will get the greatest bang for your buck.

After Sales Service: 

We provide after-sales service. If a problem with a laptop is identified after purchase, you will receive prompt assistance to remedy the situation. You can return the laptop to the delivery person if you have problems soon after receiving it. Or you can knock us online. Our experts will treat the issue with the utmost care and attention to make using your Dell laptop as simple and painless as possible.

Features that you will love about Dell Gaming Laptop: 

Dell, a business based in the United States, has launched gaming laptops to meet your gaming craving. Dell gaming laptops include fast core i7 CPUs, increased RAM capacity, lightning-quick SSD storage, and, most crucially, NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics to combat the latest game versions. They also come with a full HD anti-glare LED-Backlit display and a genuine Windows operating system, ensuring enjoyment in a secure environment. This laptop does not have to sacrifice the graphics quality along with Dell gaming laptop price in Bangladesh.  

Let's check out the features of the Dell gaming laptop that you will love: 

Powerful Processor & Graphics: 

Dell gaming laptops help you to reach your gaming level to the next level. This laptop combines intense gaming power with multitasking facilities in a single device. The AMD processor ensures fast and smooth performance. This Processor laptop comes with a handy price as Dell gaming laptop is fair without compromising the quality. 

Cooling at its best: 

You can just be lost in the game with a smooth and uninterrupted experience. The thermal design that is Alienware inspired keeps it cool, making the speed even higher. This innovative thermal design enhances airflow within copper pipes, so your laptop gets the ultimate cooling and heat dissipation. 

Customized Hardware: 

Personalize your location and setup without interfering with your games by customizing your hardware performance to how and what you play.

Easy and simple entrance to the gaming Library: 

As you know, all the gaming system settings are linked in a gaming library, so that you can simply have access to gaming information. The system settings are saved in a gaming library which makes easy to find anything you want to know about your favorite game. 

Buy Dell Gaming Laptop Online from the Reliable IT Shop in Bangladesh

Dell is a juggernaut in the computer business. It is quite popular among computer users because of its uncompromising quality. Worldwide, Dell gaming laptop has its own identity. Thus, Bangladesh has also its million fans to grab it. the cutting-edge technology made the design and manufacture exceptional. Clients are enamored with Dell gaming laptops due to their low cost. Dell gaming laptops are the most cost-effective at Original Stores. You will find a big assortment of this laptop on our website at incredibly affordable prices. There is additional after-sales support provided. If you have any concerns with our products after they have been delivered, you have two options: return them to the delivery person or write us an email. Our customer service staff will provide solutions as soon as possible. The Original Store ensures a pleasurable and unforgettable shopping experience. It is widely known that the Dell gaming laptop price in BD is very reasonable, but with its high quality, it can be your ultimate choice.