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  • ♦ Model: Gadmei TV2836E
  • ♦ Resolution: 800x600/1024x768
  • ♦ RF Input: 47-870MHZ
  • ♦ Model: Gadmei TV2836E
  • ♦ Resolution: 800x600/1024x768
  • ♦ RF Input: 47-870MHZ

Brand: Gadmei


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TV Card Price in Bangladesh From Original Store Ltd.

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For seeing TV, you do not require to buy a Television, Just buy a TV card and experience watching TV from your computer’s monitor. All types of TV tuner cards (TV card for pc, TV card for laptop, USB TV card) are now available at the biggest IT shop in Bangladesh, original store Ltd.  

A computer is capable of showing TV stations/channels on a monitor using a TV tuner card. At first, the user has to connect a coaxial cable between the computer & The TV tuner card & after that the computer could display basic cable stations. Even a TV card can show digital cable stations on the monitor.TV tuner cards can also have the functions or a method for recording TV shows on the computer for later viewing which is similar to how a DVR (digital video recorder) device works.

TV Tuner cards generally have a combination of the four main types of TV signals & those are;

1) NTSC is the old analog signal for Free Over-The-Air (OTA) transmissions of your local channels.

2) ATSC is the new digital signal for Free OTA transmissions of your local channels.

3) Clear QAM is the signal your cable provider will utilize for subscribers to their Basic Cable subscription. Any of the channels of this subscription level are encrypted. And also, assume that you have an HDTV having a Clear QAM tuner (as most do). No cable set-top box is required.

4) QAM is the signal that your cable provider will utilize for subscribers of their higher-level subscription. A cable company set-top box is required not only to tune the channels but also decode the encryption so that the cable company utilizes it to prevent theft/piracy of their content.

Types of TV Tuners Card:

1. Analog Television Card

2. Digital tuners/Hybrid tuners

3. Combo tuners

4. Radio tuners

5. Mobile TV adapter

One of the popular and well-known brands of TV tuner cards is Gadmei. Gadmei TV2836E TV Card, Gadmei TV cards work with many computers and operating systems, including Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Internal TV tuner cards for desktop computers have to plug into either a PCI or PCI Express slot. On the other hand, external TV tuners are also available for use with laptop and desktop computers.

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