Leoch LP12-26 (12V 26AH) Sealed Lead Acid Battery

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Brand :           Leoch
Product Code :           LP12-26

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  • • Model: Leoch LP12-26
  • • Capacity: 26 Ah
  • • Input Voltage: 12V

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General Information
Model Leoch LP12-26
Brand Leoch
Type UPS Battery
Capacity 26 Ah
Input Voltage 12V


Leoch LP12-26 (12V 26AH) Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Leoch LP12-26 (12V 26AH) Sealed Lead Acid Battery. Ideal for crisis reinforcement power, crisis lighting, correspondence hardware, caution, and security framework Leoch Battery. Leoch LP12-26 (12V 26AH) Sealed is constructed utilizing oxygen recombination innovation. Sealed Lead Acid Battery is made of PbCaSn amalgam for plate frameworks: less gassing, less self-releasing. Leoch LP12-26 (12V 26AH) Sealed Battery has an excellent AGM separator that broadens cycle life and forestalls miniature shortcircuits. ABS material assistance expands the strength of the battery holder.

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Leoch LP12-26 (12V 26AH) Sealed Lead Acid Battery Model Leoch LP12-26, Brand Leoch. Leoch LP12-26 Battery Type UPS Battery, Capacity 26 Ah. You can get Leoch LP12-26 (12V 26AH) Sealed Lead Acid Battery at the best price in BD. Leoch LP12-26 (12V 26AH) Input Voltage 12V. 

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