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  • ♦ Model: Epson EB-W05
  • ♦ Native Resolution: WXGA, 1280 x 800, 16:10
  • ♦ Contrast Ratio: 15,000 : 1
Price: To be announced

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  • ♦ Model: Epson EB-W05
  • ♦ Native Resolution: WXGA, 1280 x 800, 16:10
  • ♦ Contrast Ratio: 15,000 : 1
  • ♦ Screen Size: 33 inches - 320 inches

Brand: Epson

Price: To be announced

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  • ♦ Model: Epson EB-S05
  • ♦ Native Resolution: SVGA, 800 x 600, 4:3
  • ♦ Contrast Ratio: 15,000 : 1
Price: To be announced

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  • ♦ Model: Epson EB-S05
  • ♦ Native Resolution: SVGA, 800 x 600, 4:3
  • ♦ Contrast Ratio: 15,000 : 1
  • ♦ Screen Size: 30 inches - 350 inches

Brand: Epson

Price: To be announced

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Analyzing Different Projector Price in BD! Discuss Price Ranges 

The screen is the most fundamental issue when enjoying video with a crowd. But on a phone, laptop, or monitor, it's not possible. In that case, we need a more extensive form of screen that can cover a larger area and inspire us to participate and collaborate.

The projector would be the turning point to solve your screen problem and provide a new experience with multiple features. 

In the older period, maximum projectors used a small transparent lens to create an image, but today the upcoming projectors are enriched with a laser guide to make images directly. Let's go further!

The Projectors Price in Bangladesh

A projector is an output device that the PC or Blu-Ray monitor commands, reproducing the picture or videos in a larger form into a clean surface like a wall or flat white object. Different multimedia projectors include 4K, Nebula, Laser, DLP, LED, LCD, Optoma, etc.

Though there are various projectors, LED & LCD are the most common video projector in Bangladesh. The standard multimedia projector price starts at 28,500 BDT, and the mini projector price in BD starts at 2,800 BDT.

Some Projectors Brands Price in BD

In the market, you get lower to higher range projectors. According to your needs and budget, you should choose. We place some of the best projectors in BD.

Hitachi Projector

The Hitachi is the most common and standard projector in Bangladesh. If you are a Hitachi brand lover, you get different ranges of projectors here. According to specifications, the Hitachi projector price in Bangladesh would terminate into different ranges. There are various options to choose from with collaborative demand and cost.

The HITACHI CP-ED27 MULTIMEDIA PROJECTOR price is 28,500 BDT, the lowest range of Hitachi. This model offers 1024x768 resolutions, 30" - 300" image size, 2700 ANSI Lumens brightness, 215 UHB lamp, 720 HD, and remote control option.

The price of the HITACHI CP-AX2505EF ULTRA SHORT THROW XGA PROJECTOR is around 90,000 BDT. It offers a high Contrast ratio, Accentualizer, DICOM simulation mode, and HDMI input with high reliability.

Epson Projector

The price range for Epson projectors is high for the best quality and performance. After analyzing the Epson projector price in Bangladesh, we see it starts from 47,500 BDT. If you are fond of the Epson brand, you get more options to choose the best one according to your budget.

The Epson EB-E01 XGA 3LCD Projector's price is about 47,500 BDT. Here you get 3300 ANSI Lumens, 1024x768 pixels resolutions, 30 to 350" image size, 12000 Hours Lamp Lifespan in Eco Mode, UHE Type Lamp, 210-Watt Power, 6000 Hours Lamp lifespan.

If you want a higher-range Epson projector, you can choose the Epson EB-2065 XGA 3LCD Projector, which is around 1,75,000 BDT. Here you get some additional features such as increased resolutions, better contrast, more brightness, and 16W Monaural audio option.

Benq Projector

Another classical projector brand is Benq, where you get perfect video resolutions with high-quality images. The Benq price starts from 39,800 BDT. Let's check its lower and highest ranges projectors with particular specifications.

The BENQ MX550 3600LM SVGA BUSINESS Projector's price is about 39,800 BDT. It offers F/# = 2.56 ~ 2.68, f=22~24.1mm standard motherboard with high SVGA resolutions. Its interface is furnished with different HDMI and USB options. The power supply range is up to AC 100 to 250V.

If you want the highest range Benq projector, you can choose BENQ V7050I 4K 2500-LUMEN LASER TV Projector for its DLP projection system. Its price is about 4,40,000 BDT, the most expensive projector in Bangladesh. Here you get the best optical, display, compatibility, I/O interface, audio, environment, and intelligent operating system.

Casio Projector

Casio is also an exclusive projector brand in Bangladesh. According to quality and features, the fields will increase. Let's check the lower and higher model.

The Casio XJ-V2 XGA 3000 Lumens LED Projector's price is about 68,500 BDT, and it's available. Though there are some less price Casio projectors, they are stocked out. In this version, you get different terminals such as computer, HDMI, control, audio output, and audio input. Those will provide you with the best experience when using this model projector.

The most expensive model of Casio is Casio XJ-UT351WN Ultra Short Throw Projector, and its price is around 2,15,000 BDT. Here you get Horizontal / Vertical: ±5° (manual) keystone correction for both sides. It offers 35000 lumens with manual focus to adjust the projecting lens into the correct position.

Asus Projector

One of the most known brands of projectors is Asus, where you get a massive collection of projectors. You can select the best one according to your budget and purpose. Let's check the Asus projector's price with its key features.


The Asus S1 LED Pocket Projector will be your best option if you need a mini or pocket low-budget projector. Its price range is about 33,500 BDT with all incentives. It's easy to carry and operate by any device, such as a computer, PC, or phone. You get a high-resolution image and video quality with the lowest budget with a high-capacity power bank.

The standard model of the Asus projector is the Asus F1 Full HD LED Projector, and its price is 98,000 BDT. This projector is modified with 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4G and 5G (Support Android and Win10) wireless projection. Let's check its unique features.

Compliance: CU, BSMI, FCC ID, CE, UL, MIC, RoHS, etc. 

Security: Provide Kensington lock

Audio: Offers 8W SubWoofer with Double 3W Speaker

Noise: Theater (28dBA) & Standard (32dBA)

Video & Image Quality: Standard

Display: High Resolutions

Viewsonic Projector

The Viewsonic projectors are available in Bangladesh and have an option to choose a budget-friendly projector. You get high-quality images and videos with multilayer color filter features as a trusted brand. That would be responsible for making your screenplay more reliable to the audience with clear audio. Let's check the standard projector package.

The Viewsonic is introducing the M1 mini WVGA 50 Lumens DLP Pocket Portable Projector within the lowest budget, and it's about 25,000 BDT. It's easy to bring and keep in your pocket easily. As a result, you can take it with you always and use it according to need. Here you get a little lower resolution and backup. But for everyday use, it would be ok.

If you want a better option from the Viewsonic brand, you can choose Viewsonic PG706WU WUXGA 4000 Lumens DLP Projector. Its price is around 82,000 BDT. According to research and customer feedback, this model would be the best package on a standard budget. Here you get 4000 lumens which are incredible and provide high-resolution video with perfect audio.

Vivitek Projector

Another world-class brand is Vivitek, responsible for fulfilling your big screen desire. From its different models, you would get a budget-friendly projector. Let's check its lowest and standard projector price in BDT.

The Vivitek Z1V 250 ANSI Lumens is one of the most reliable projectors within a low budget. The price is around 32,000 BDT. It's easy to carry and replace in narrow spaces with high-quality images and video regulation. This price is good enough to provide you with the best support for a long time.

If you want the most standard Vivitek projector, you can choose Vivitek BW572 4100 ANSI Lumens WXGA. This projector's price is around 54,000 BDT. Let's check its unique features.

0.55" DLP Display Technology

1280 x 800 WXGA Native Resolutions

4100 ANSI Lumens

1.2x Zoom Ratio 

22,000:1 Contrast Ratio

Cheerlux Projector

One of the cheapest projector companies, where you get different model projectors within a low budget. So if you haven't a high budget or want to try, Cheerlux is your best option. With a low budget, you get good resolutions and better performance. Even the ANSI Lumens range is enough to keep high-range videos with the perfect audio speaker.

The Cheerlux projector's price begins at 7,500 BDT. For personal use, it's good enough. You can choose a 20,000 BDT projector if you find a higher range. We will get better service at a lower price for a long time. Let's check some features of it.

Projection Distance 1 to 3M

Better Audio

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Multiple Connections for Multiple Interfaces

Buying Guide 

That would help you find the best projector within a low budget. We focus on some points that are important when buying a projector. Let's distinguish the factors.


The cost is the most crucial element when buying a projector. We suggest avoiding low price projectors because you won't get enough resolution and brightness for a long time. To get a balance among all features, you should buy a 20,000+ BDT range projector. Hopefully, you get a well-balanced projector.

Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio is a critical part of choosing an HD video projector. It's the ratio between the white and black points of an image. When the contrast ratio is lower, you can't enjoy the video in dark mode. So try to ensure more than a 1500:1 contrast ratio. But for a high-quality image built, you should focus on more than a 2000:1 contrast ratio.

Display Resolutions

One of the major parts is resolution to indicate the quality of the projector's image and video. Generally, the leading projector authority provides 1024x768, and it's good enough for DVD. But if you take higher pixels, you get a clearer image and video quality.

Lamps & Lasers

It would be best if you chose LED or Laser to get the longevity of a projector screen view, and remember that it should be usable after 20,000 hours. Generally, the lamps should change after viewing 4k+. But some projectors provide more capacity, and you should focus on them. As a result, you get a better Lamp with a high range of Laser features in a combined package.


Another essential part is portability to measure the projector's accountability. It depends on your needs. If you think you need to carry it to another place, again and again, you should choose mini or portable projectors. But for professional use, we suggest using metal base projectors for better performance.

People Also Ask

About LED Or LCD, Which Is Best?

LED projectors are portable and easily connected to any device with a high-resolution image. On the other hand, the LCD projectors are specially designed for professional uses that provide three liquid crystal panels with a prism. 

ANSI Lumens Is What?

American National Standard Institute is the complete form of ANSI, and Lumens is the parameter to measure the brightness of a projector. The Lumens is the most common source of lights that helps measure a projector's brightness strength.

Which Is Better, TV or Projector?

A high-resolution projector would be better than a TV, and you will get enough brightness for a high contrast ratio. You will also get more ANSI Lumens in the projector, making the video more delightful in dark mode.

Which Is The Most Upcoming Technology In Projectors?

The answer is 4K related trends, which have more HDR. These projectors can quickly adjust in low or high resolution and make the image or video more original. HDR and HGL are upcoming technologies that make the projector more reliable to the user.

Final Thoughts

After a lengthy discussion session, we get a clear view of projectors' different types and brands. When buying a projector, we must focus on contrast ratio, cost, lamps & lasers, resolutions, and portability.

If these criteria go with your projector, you can choose it. But the priority is the budget. 

According to the budget, you should make a balance among the features. If all criteria aren't on a low budget, try to recover as much as possible. Hopefully, you will find the best budget-friendly projectors from this content.