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Computer Accessories Price in BD

Computer Accessories are keyboard, Mouse, Mouse pad, Headphone, Webcam, Pen Drive, Memory Card, Speaker & Home Theatre, Microphone, Power Bank, Presenter, Power Strip, Cable, Converter, Earphone, Enclosure, Thermal Paste, Digital Voice Recorder.


Computer keyboard devices are electromechanical input devices. Today is are different types of keyboards are available in the market. Most of the different sizes of keyboards use mechanical layout, usually different to ISO, ANSI, and BIS.


An inputter mouse is a hand-held printer machinery device that can detect two-dimensional motions by surface. The movement is generally transferred into the display, allowing a computer on the smoothly graphical user interface.

Mouse Pad:

A mouse pad is a strake where the mouse is staying (on cover the mouse pad) to help the user so that it user gets comfort and effect. The mouse pad also provides a smoother surface and more controller area surface, and more controller area useable in the mouse. Some Mousepads provide padded wrist rest for developing ergonomics.


The headphone is also known as an ear speaker or earphones. Headphones use a band over the top of the head user to hold the speakers in place.


Webcams are usually small cameras attached to a user's Monitor, Laptop, PC and built into the hardware. Webcams are capturing streams and images or videos through a pc to a computer networking system. It is usually used for video conversation when two or more peoples are present.

Pen Drive:

The pen drive's essential parts are a crystal oscillator, memory chips, and USB connector to connect with the PC. A pen drive is also known as a USB flash drive. Pen drive is a data storage device. A pen drive is an application carrier that transfers data from one device to another like desktop, pc, laptop by USB port.

Memory Card:

A memory card is an electronic data information storage device that is usually used for portable electronic devices to store various types of information. Some portable device names such as Digital Camera, Computers, Mobile Phones, Video game consoles, Digital pianos, etc.


Microphone or mice is electric machinery that converts typical sound highly into an electrical signal. Many types of microphones are used.

Power Strip:

A power strip is generally known as a multi-plug, extension block extension bow, Power Board, Power Bar, plugboard, etc. It allows two or more connections by using USB ports in one strip given powered from a single electrical socket.


Earphones are convenient which fitted directly in the outer ear. When you wear Wireless Bluetooth headphones, you have to be free from a holding handset and have a safe driving environment.

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