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  • ♦ Model: BOYA BY-K3
  • ♦ Connector 1: 1 1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRRS Female Straight
  • ♦ Connector 2: 2 1 x Lightning Male Straight
  • ♦ Model: BOYA BY-K3
  • ♦ Connector 1: 1 1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRRS Female Straight
  • ♦ Connector 2: 2 1 x Lightning Male Straight
  • ♦ Cable Length: 2.4" / 6 cm

Brand: Boya


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Get Boya Lan Card Price in BD

Established in 2000, Boya EQUIPMENT may be a global leading service provider of networking products also as remedies. With state-of-the-art innovation, exceptional product top quality, also as pleasing customer care, Boya SYSTEMS has actually ended up being a serious carrier within the data interaction industry, with a growing diary for reputable items worldwide. Zhao Jianjun and also Zhao Jiaxing two bros were the creator of Boya in 1996. They understood a "twisted set link" for creating Boya. Yet something was that the "Twisted pair web link" was made by Alexander Graham Bell. In 2005, Boya initially started a worldwide procedure. Some years later, within the present age, in September 2016, Boya represents its slogan and also a logo of "Dependably Smart." Boya supplies the simplest quality Boya LAN Card.LAN or Local Area Network may be a network that attaches various other computer systems with minimal limitations, like house institutions, laboratories, university camps, or office buildings. Local area network uses Ethernet and WI-FI, both technologies. Established LAN modern technology remained within the 1970s, and also Ethernet was established at Xerox PARC between 1973 and also 1974 On the opposite hand, laptops have integrated LAN cards, both wired and wireless, for allowing the web connection to varied brands.

Quality of Boya LAN Card:

Boya provides professional data transmission networking devices also as remedies additionally to innovative innovation, outstanding top quality, total services and focuses on IP modern technology as its core. Boya product relations is including wireless/ wired routers, BOYA BY-K3 AudioAdapter, and so on. Currently ask space for storing, safety and defense, multi-media and expand to other areas. You can get all these Lan Card prices in Bangladesh.


Benefits of Best Lan Card:

The interaction rate making use of the internet is high typically in Gigabytes.

Highly dependable connection.

Many peripheral devices are often connected utilizing numerous ports of NIC cards.

Bulk data are often shared among several customers.

Disadvantages of Wifi Lan Card:

1. Boya LAN Card Provide service limited area.


What is Lan card Used for? 

Photo outcome for that's individual LAN card. The target of a LAN card is to develop a physical link to the network - to provide an open 'door,' because it was. The very first interface sustained by a LAN card may be a physical interface whereby the cord plugs into the cardboard


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